Paediatrician’s Essential Advice on Health Checks That You May Have Missed

If you are a parent, you need to know what health checks play a crucial role for your child from birth and which you have missed altogether. Raising a child requires perfect teamwork between the treating doctor and an informed parent. When it comes to children, some of us start feeling that we are the doctors and know in and out. But it is always a good idea to listen to the medical experts’ advice always about the regular health check-ups we should have and the consequences of missing them. The doctor at Maternity Centre in Ghaziabad needs to ensure that the child gets the proper treatment at the right time.  For the first five years of child’s development goals for each child following things need to be included:

  • Development
  • Illnesses
  • Vaccination history
  • Birth history 

It would be best to ask the doctor at Maternity Center in Ghaziabad to fill in the essential records at every visit. It also needs to include infant feeding, especially if you are breastfeeding. Besides that, you need to ask them to record infant sleeping patterns and positions. 

Things You Should Always Discuss with Your Gynecologist

Has your child’s hearing ever been checked?

An audiologist needs to check the child’s hearing shortly after birth. The expert mainly apparatus checks if the baby’s inner ear or brain is responding to sound. It is ideally a painless test, and it can be quickly done while the little one is sleeping. Generally, experts say that Newborns need to go through the hearing test at Paediatrician in Ghaziabad before heading home or being done while they are three to five days old to one month old. Hearing loss also affects the baby’s language and speech. You need to know that babies can hear the sounds even before they are born, and their hearing system even develops after birth. While they are three months, they smile when they are addressed, and at six months, they can intimate sounds.

Have your got your child’s vision checked?

The Paediatrician in Ghaziabad mainly checks the babies’ eyesight as Newborns for defects and infections. At the same time, they leave the hospital, and with each subsequent visit, there is a referral to a concerned pediatric ophthalmologist if necessary. 

Some necessary tests for newborn babies: – The babies need to be screened for congenital hypothyroidism, which is for low levels of thyroid hormones that play a crucial role in healthy growth and development. Parents need to ask for this test as some newborns don’t show any symptoms first. 

You need to speak to your doctor if there is any family history of uncommon metabolic conditions like phenylketonuria or galactosemia. The test is all about pricking the baby’s heel to collect some blood, and they can also do a metabolic screening for your body. There are some risks involved in the screening, but the discomfort is minimal.

tips and stories of NICU Parents

It is vital to check your baby’s bilirubin at the Best Hospital in Delhi, NCR. If the bilirubin levels are high in the baby, then the baby’s eyes look yellow, and it might indicate a problem with their liver. The condition is known as jaundice. It is pretty standard in newborn babies and premature babies, and it needs treatment immediately after the child’s birth. You need to check your baby’s bilirubin levels before you are discharged from the hospital. A severe congenital heart ailment test mainly looks for some heart defects that might be present from birth. The test is different from your routine test, so users need to place their hands and feet to measure the oxygen levels in their blood. If the oxygen level is low in your blood, it might suggest a heart ailment, and you must be evaluated further. 

Child’s oral health cannot be ignored from birth:

After the first feed, you need to wipe your baby’s gums with a soft cloth before putting your baby to sleep. It will help remove the excess bacteria and sugars which can lead to dental decay. Later, you can use a soft brush and water once they get the first teeth.
Children over six months of age must have a flu shot

You can visit the Best Hospital in Delhi NCR and get your baby a flu shot. Often parents overlook the annual vaccines for children. It is safe to vaccinate kids aged six months or more. 

You should have a smooth relationship with your pediatrician for years to come. To help them understand a complete medical history, you need to give the doctor full consent to access the baby’s electronic health. Then, when you take proper check-ups at the right time, you can provide great care to your child. These tips cannot be ignored. It would help if you visited a great doctor to get the best treatment.

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